Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yucca City News- April Anaya

Yucca City News- April Anaya


Convention Parties: We split into our party conventions with the federalist and nationalist parties. In our counties, we were able to give speeches for what we were running for in county elections. Each gave their speeches with eloquence and grace. Without a doubt, its going to be a tough election. Who will lead the “leaders”?

County Primary Elections: We settled into the ballroom anticipating in our seats for primary elections for the 2 countries. When our generous Girls State Direction, Cathy King, dismissed our cities to go to the voting room, Voting begins.

Continuation: As we gathered back into our party convention, we federalists were in the Zia room and the Nationalists met in the ballroom. Here we met our party candidates for state elections and heard/ presented speeches. Before lunch, primary county election results were announced! And we voted from there in the general elections.

National Anthem: Diane Taylor presented the story of our National Anthem. Its not just another patriotical song we sing. It means something. The city of Yucca greatly encourages you to discover its deep and genuine significance!

State Primary Elections: Well, by now you should know what this means. We voted one out of the candidates from each party to represent us! Federalist and Nationalists!

Patriotic Program: We learned the history of the flag folding of the flag significance, and healing fields. It was a true blessing to each of us to know the procedures of the American military and the significance along with the history of our sacred Unite States Flag. We also had one citizen of proud Yucca City, Carolina Gress, as a ROTC person with the folding of the flag.

Talent Show: WOW!! So much talent in Girls State! We had singers, song writers, pianists, instrumentalist, poetry, interpretation dancing, and even some hard moves that are only seen (literally) on TV.

Yucca City Reporter: April Anaya

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