Thursday, June 9, 2011

Words from Pine City Dorm Counselor

Words from Pine City Dorm Counselor

Wednesday: Pine city as well as the other 5 cities start the day after breakfast with each city doing a program at ENMU’s flag pole. 6 lovely ladies post the colors and have bible verse readings, poems and songs. Each program usually end with a prayer and Thank You to our soldiers for serving and protecting our country. Elections of country and general offices were held Tuesday. Wednesday was a fun time a Whistle Stop with candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. Talent Shows are always amazing and ends with New Mexico Girls State traditional “Itty Bitty’s” dance. Voting and elections produce Governor and Lt. Governor and then there’s interviews for Girls Nation. 1 week in Washington DC with delegates from all the States. Half the week has passed and even though everyone is tired delegates are amiling and sharing experiences , phone numbers, and email addresses.

Momma “G”

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