Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spruce City News-Maribal Villegas

Spruce City News- Maribal Villegas

On this day we, the Sprucides, arose to a beautiful shinning morning we rushed to breakfast and settled for a delightful meal. Having the duty of performing the flag ceremony, we ventured of to the designated area and practiced our parts before beginning the ceremony. It went swell and smooth we accomplished it according to plan and headed to the ballroom. Then and there we separated into our political parties and became “arch enemies” even though at heart we belong together. The day continued and we completed a Whistle Stop Campaign in which our city interrogated the running Governor and Lt. Governor as much as possible. We got a kick out of that! We completed our service project, voted on governor and listened to great speeches. As the day winded down we began the mayor conference and concluded the conference with our presentation, “teach me how to Spruce!” We laughed, danced, and sang our hearts out. We represented and did what we had to do! SPRUCIDES!

Spruce City Reporter: Maribal Villegas

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