Thursday, June 6, 2013

  • Governor-----Bianca Soliz, Nationalist
  • Lt. Governor----Hanna Thornton, Nationalist
  • Secretary of State----Kayla Matteucci, Nationalist
  • Attorney General----Alexandria Moore, Nationalist
  • Treasurer-----Aitiana Zamora, Federalist
  • Auditor----Victoria Herron, Federalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Angel Vega, Federalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Jasmyn Marquez, Nationalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Reagan Riggs, Federalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Rebekah Hogan, Nationalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Rebecka Holman
Congratulations to all these elected officials, and to all those delegates who participated in the process.  Director Alisha Jones comented that this had been a well run "clean" campaign.

As you saw in yesterday's posting, the House and Senate are evenly split between Nationalists and Federalists.  This is the first time in memory this has happened.  We'll see how this impacts legislation.
This morning the Oaths of Office are administered by Charlene Webb, Roosevelt County Manager, and then the delegated will be dismissed to do the important work of Girls State.  District Courts will be hearing cases and the various Boards and Committees will be meeting.  The House and Senate will be in session.  After lunch the Supreme Court will make their deliberations, the House and Senate will reconvene as will Boards and Committees.  Later we will have our Inaugrual Banquet and Ceremonies.  I heard a rumor the newly elected Boys State Governor will be attending, as well as members of the Boys State Board from The American Legion.  This endeavor is truly represents the Legion Family.  When the staters return for their final City Dorm Meeting final determination is made for their Outstanding Citizen, Jr. Counselor applications are distributed, and Government Counselors present Certificates.  Then the delegates laugh, cry, pack, cry some more, hug, cry again.....and the 2013 Girls State Session will come to a close tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


  • County Clerk-----Cordelia Tafoya (N)
  • County Commissioner------TiAundra Luevano (F)
  • County Sheriff------Sarah Ferguson (F)
  • County Treasurer----Renee Lucario (F)
  • District Attorney----Jazmine Garza (F)
  • District Judge-----Aridnee Thomas (N)
  • Member, St. Board of Education----Brandy Main (F)
  • Representative LaShawna Byrd (F)
  • Representative Rachel Barthell (N)
  • Representative Amanda Valdez (N)
  • Representative Maria Trujillo (N)
  • Senator Allison Martinez (N)
  • Senator Liza Matson (F)
  • Senator Mikayla Woller (N)
  • Senator Emily Allen (N)
  • Senator Michaela Fidel (F)
  • Senator Emily Streams (N)
  • Senator Mariah Baldwin (F)
  • Senator Samantha Morales (N)
  • Senator Breanna Ely (N)
  • Senator Katherine Cox (F)
  • County Clerk----Karlene Montano (N)
  • County Commissioner----Hanna Jones (F)
  • County Sheriff----Yliana Placenia (F)
  • County Treasurer---Brianna Mahkee (F)
  • District Attorney---Abigale Riley (F)
  • District Judge---Mason Huston (F)
  • Member, St. Board of Education----Kira Hoerner (N)
  • Representative Madeline Cunnings (F)
  • Representative Sarah Brosemer (F)
  • Representative Kaitlyn Romero (F)
  • Representative Angelica Aragon (F)
  • Representative Tessa Nall (N)
  • Representative Vanessa Venegas (F)
  • Representative Itzel Orozco (N)
  • Representative Anissa Renae Wright (N)
  • Senator Austin Hiles (F)
  • Senator Zainab Feroze (N)
  • Senator Nayeli Ruiz (F)
  • Senator Danielle Blankenship (F)
  • Senator Holly Hayes (N)
  • Senator Adriana Lopez (N)
  • Senator LeeAnn Sandy (F)
  • Senator Megan Saenz (F)
  • SenatorMiriam Goss (F)
  • Senator Mckinzey Willis (N)
Congratulations to all these elected officials and there will be more later


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ALA NM Girls State Portales, NM.  June 4, 2013
Yikes!!  It's Tuesday already, or; Yikes it's only Tuesday?  Either way the citizens of Girls State are immersed in the governmental process.  This morning they are in their County Party conventions.  They will be defining who they are and what they stand for as a party by developing their Party Platforms.  They will elect their County Party Chairmen.  The filing office is still open for those delegates who have decided to run for an office and fill any vacancies.  Shortly they will vote in their county Primaries. Party Conventions are next and the counties will merge to find common ground and develop the Party's platform.  There will be tryouts for keynote speakers for tomorrow's Party Rallys.  All of this before lunch!  Janice Arnold-Jones, Albuquerque City Counselor and former NM State Legislator will be our Keynote speaker after lunch.  The Party Conventions will continue, County Primary Election Results will be read, and Primaries will be held for State offices. In our SPARE TIME there's Rec. time, talent show practice, choir practice, and a tour of ENMU.  After dinner the State Primaries will be held and later the County General Election results are revealed as will as the State Primary results. I tell you this is an action packed day.  Will try to get you results as they come in.

Monday, June 3, 2013

  • Mayor Stephanie Cedillo
  • Chief Councilwoman Darci Roe
  • Councilwoman Kira Hoerner
  • Councilwoman Mckinzey Willis
  • Councilwoman Kaitlyn Romero
  • Municipal Judge Reagan Riggs
  • City Treasurer Brandy Garcia
  • City Clerk Rebekah Hogan
  • Mayor Adriana Lopez
  • Chief Councilwoman Alexandria Moore
  • Councilwoman Elizabeth Saavedra
  • Councilwoman Eliana Griego
  • Councilwoman Madeline Cunnings
  • City Treasurer Ila Medina
  • Municipal Judge Savannah Torres
  • City Clerk Leah Montoya
  • Mayor Emily Allen
  • Chief Councilwoman Angel Vega
  • Councilwoman Elizabeth Thomas
  • Councilwoman Kayla Matteucci
  • Councilwoman Mariah Baldwin
  • Municipal Judge Aridnee Thomas
  • City Treasurer Aitiana Zamora
  • City Clerk Tianna Zambrano
  • Mayor Allison Martinez
  • Chief Councilwoman Mikayla Woller
  • Councilwoman Liza Matson
  • Councilwoman Michaela Fidel
  • Councilwoman Alexa Chumpitaz
  • Municiple Judge Anna Moneymaker
  • City Treasurer Renee Lucario
  • City Clerk Hannah Thornton
Congratulations to all these elected officials.........and the work begins
Monday June 3, 2013, Portales, NM.  Cities have voted!!  We will find out who the citizens have chosen for their City Government.  Right now the Delegates are listening to the presentation from ENMU and the College Credit program. Through ALA NM Girls State, upon completion of and participation in,Girls State, ENMU will award 3 credit hours.  This is awarded at no charge to the Delegates.  Next posting will be after lunch.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This reporter made a HUGE error.  As much as I love Kelsey Montoya, she is our most excellent Lt. Governor.  Madame Governor is Kayleigh Wood and she is AWESOME.

Portales, New Mexico....June 2, 2013

American Legion Auxiliary (ALA in future posts) NM Girls State has begun.  Delegates from all over the beautiful Land of Enchantment  have been swarming to the heart of Roosevelt County this day.  Check in was smooth as butter, and the rooms have been assigned.  Our current crop of Junior Counselors are full of enthusiasm and fun, and have immediately taken the new delegates under their wings.  We had our opening ceremonies this afternoon at 4:00 pm.  Four proud cities, Pine, Cactus, Sage and Spruce really made a noise when they answered roll call.  Our Girls State Governor, Kelsey Montoya, presided over a great meeting.  Off to dinner we went, and then the delegates went off to begin the work of the city.  Campaigning is ongoing for Mayor, Council, and other city offices.  So much information in such a short time.  Signing off for now, keep checking in for upcoming election results and any other events