Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ALA NM Girls State Portales, NM.  June 4, 2013
Yikes!!  It's Tuesday already, or; Yikes it's only Tuesday?  Either way the citizens of Girls State are immersed in the governmental process.  This morning they are in their County Party conventions.  They will be defining who they are and what they stand for as a party by developing their Party Platforms.  They will elect their County Party Chairmen.  The filing office is still open for those delegates who have decided to run for an office and fill any vacancies.  Shortly they will vote in their county Primaries. Party Conventions are next and the counties will merge to find common ground and develop the Party's platform.  There will be tryouts for keynote speakers for tomorrow's Party Rallys.  All of this before lunch!  Janice Arnold-Jones, Albuquerque City Counselor and former NM State Legislator will be our Keynote speaker after lunch.  The Party Conventions will continue, County Primary Election Results will be read, and Primaries will be held for State offices. In our SPARE TIME there's Rec. time, talent show practice, choir practice, and a tour of ENMU.  After dinner the State Primaries will be held and later the County General Election results are revealed as will as the State Primary results. I tell you this is an action packed day.  Will try to get you results as they come in.

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  1. Super job Peggy for getting updates on GS activities.....Rita & Mary Lou - Government Staff. I am promoting to members back home! WOW