Thursday, June 6, 2013

  • Governor-----Bianca Soliz, Nationalist
  • Lt. Governor----Hanna Thornton, Nationalist
  • Secretary of State----Kayla Matteucci, Nationalist
  • Attorney General----Alexandria Moore, Nationalist
  • Treasurer-----Aitiana Zamora, Federalist
  • Auditor----Victoria Herron, Federalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Angel Vega, Federalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Jasmyn Marquez, Nationalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Reagan Riggs, Federalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Rebekah Hogan, Nationalist
  • Justice of the Supreme Court----Rebecka Holman
Congratulations to all these elected officials, and to all those delegates who participated in the process.  Director Alisha Jones comented that this had been a well run "clean" campaign.

As you saw in yesterday's posting, the House and Senate are evenly split between Nationalists and Federalists.  This is the first time in memory this has happened.  We'll see how this impacts legislation.
This morning the Oaths of Office are administered by Charlene Webb, Roosevelt County Manager, and then the delegated will be dismissed to do the important work of Girls State.  District Courts will be hearing cases and the various Boards and Committees will be meeting.  The House and Senate will be in session.  After lunch the Supreme Court will make their deliberations, the House and Senate will reconvene as will Boards and Committees.  Later we will have our Inaugrual Banquet and Ceremonies.  I heard a rumor the newly elected Boys State Governor will be attending, as well as members of the Boys State Board from The American Legion.  This endeavor is truly represents the Legion Family.  When the staters return for their final City Dorm Meeting final determination is made for their Outstanding Citizen, Jr. Counselor applications are distributed, and Government Counselors present Certificates.  Then the delegates laugh, cry, pack, cry some more, hug, cry again.....and the 2013 Girls State Session will come to a close tomorrow.

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