Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pine City News-Yadira Duran

Pine City News- Yadira Duran

Today, June 7th day three, the girls of Pine City did the raising of the flag. It went very good and fun. They later split up to go to their county convention were the girls running for office gave speeches. They then had primary elections, after that it was party conventions continued. They later went to the General elections. The girls learned the history of the National Anthem. After that they went to recreation where some girls just rested while others went to talent show practice.  They then had primary election (state). Then they went to a patriotic program where they learned the history of the flag, how to fold the flag, and healing fields. Then they went to the general assembly where all the results of the election were announced. The talent show also took place. They then had their 3rd dorm meeting.

Pine City  Reporter: Yadira Dwan

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