Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here are award winners from the 2012 American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State

Agnes Crotzer Memorial Scholarship
  • Sonia Gaytan
ENMU Founders Board Book Scholarship
o   Maria Hinojos
o   Allison Wycoff
o   Loni Charay Dunn

Samsung Scholarship
  • Carla Villareal
Girls Nation
  • Selene Campos (Sr.) 
  • Damani Hoffman (Jr.) 
  • Ceara Turpen (1)
  • Amanda Milligan (2) 
Outstanding City
  • Spruce City
Outstanding Citizen
  • Cactus – Kiah Lowe
  • Pine – Yuridia Loera
  • Yucca – Carlyn Schweizer
  • Spruce – Ceara Turpen
  • Sage – Suzzane Lyles
  • Pinon – Bryn Botko
Art Cover Contest
  • Mariah Graham
Congratulations to these delegates and to all the young women who participated in the 2012 ALA NM Girls State session


  1. OOPS!!! Should be 2012 ALA NM Girls State session, SORRY

  2. Thank you for doing the blog Peggy. I really enjoyed following along! Hope you get some rest now!