Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 3

ALA NM Girls State has enjoyed another action packed day, and it's not over yet.  County Party Conventions started this morning, and began to define what each party stood for.  Later the 2 county parties convened and the platforms and keynote speakers were developed for the Nationalists and Federalists.  County Primary election results were announced.  We were privileged to have Officer Harold Edwards of the NM State Police visit and share a power point presentation will us.  Right after lunch, former NM Legislator Janice Arnold Jones spoke to the assembly.  She was a huge hit, and answered many questions.....she even asked a few herself.  The delegates then resumed and concluded their Party Conventions.  Before recreation time the delegates voted in their respective county (Washington or Lincoln) elections.  Rec time included a tour of the EMNU campus or just some down time or campaign strategizing.  After dinner we had the talent show.  Besides have exceptional talent, we have an exceptional audience.  I am always touched by the kindness of our citizens.  County election results will be announced soon.  Until then....pb

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