Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cactus City 6-4

Today was so long, but full of fun!  We had to line up at 7:07 AM (!!!) and go to the For God and Country ceremony for the first time.  How patriotic and inspirational such a short tribute can be!  After breakfast, we listened to Amanda Good speak ab out OMK, her organization, for helping military youth cope with their stressful lifestyles.  Then we build "Hero Packs" to thank the children for being heroes in their own right!  Once lunch was over, we had a very respected guest, Mrs. Denish.  Then we got the results for city elections!  Congratulation toe Lisette, our mayor; Megan our Clerk; Brittany, our Treasurer; Sydnee our Judge; and the four councilwomen, Aubree, Mariana, Rubelia, and Kiah!  We then watched a touching video about poppies, followed the tradition of decorating the wreath, and then received poppies of our very own to wear!  Next was  the history of the flag and the reasons behind all it's folds.  Last was an open-mic debate where we discussed privacy and the fifth amendment, then IDs and whether or not we should present them  everywhere we go.  After that was recreation time!  Woo-Hoo!  Then retiring of the flag, and then dinner.  Then we had a city meeting, petitioned, and CAMPAIGNED!!  The walls are filled with colorful posters saying, "Vote for me!  Vote for me!".  We wound down with our city hall meeting, where we practiced our cheers for tomorrow.....Tomorrow!  I can't wait!  Cactus City will have so much fun!
Signing out (for today)  Cactus City

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