Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cactus City 6-5

Today was such a blast!  Although Cactus City can never seem to be loud enough at Roll Call, it's driven us to try even harder!  Our Junior counselor, Julissa, talked to us about government experience, which was super cool!  We're proud to have such a knowledgeable JC in Cactus City.  We had our county conventions where delegates gave speeches to their fellow citizens.  Then came the party conventions.  Nats versus Feds, it's an all out war!!.  We were yelling cheers at each other through closed doors!  It was intense!  We then had quite and honorable speaker, Officer Edwards of the NM State Police.  He informed us of the various jobs to take at the state level of criminal justice.  More conventions and we voted in the county general election and the state primaries.  The results were worth the wait.  Cactus City had an excellent turnout in Washington County!  In the meantime we had a talent show.  I would never have guessed we had so much talent here at Girls State!  But then again, I suppose it's to be expected.  All of us ARE pretty great!!  Girls Nation was presented to us, and the results of the primaries were unveiled....congratulations to our Carla on making candidate for Lt. Gov.!!!  We knew you could do it!!  We discussed the whistle-stop procedure in our dorms, then dismissed to get enough sleep and preparation for our party rallies!!  We're all looking forward to that!
Signing out (for today).  Cactus City

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