Monday, June 7, 2010

Sage citizens greeted each other, introduced to dorm mom: Diane Fitzner, Government counselor: Jan Samrall and Junior counselor Laura Bater. Sage City moved into their rooms and met their roommate. Citizens of Sage ate lunch. A sign was made which was covered with stars and every citizen signed the sign. All Sage citizens are stars. The citizens of Sage named their city sign Betsy. A song was designed by the citizens.
Sage city citizens attended opening ceremonies. Sage citizens participated in a game called “Ride That Pony” and “Little Sally Walker.”
Out J.C. counselor: Laura presented the flag at opening ceremonies and lead the girls in songs.
Our Government counselor: Jan, did the invocation and Auxiliary Department 1st Vice President is also Jan Samrall.
Sage city filed for city elections. A large number of citizens are running for office.
Two citizens are running for mayor.
June 6, 2010
~Diane Fitzner

Dorm Counselor

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