Monday, June 7, 2010

Our first day at Girls State was a whirlwind of learning and fun. After setting up our dorm rooms and getting acquainted with our roommates, the Girls State delegates had opening ceremony. All of the delegates were dressed very professionally, showing that we are mature and willing to learn and gain the skills needed to become our country’s future leaders.
This is the 63rd of Girls State, having a lot of the staff returning year after year to train the delegates with pride. They spend all year working on ways to advance the program while keeping the traditions. Cafeteria food dinner consisted of pizza, salad, or hamburger and most of the girls said it was pretty good. Long lines for ice cream, and ketchup and mustard were the obstacles of the evening.
Petitioning for positions such as city clerk, municipal judge and city councilman, the delegates began their learning journey about government one level at a time. After that delegates headed back to their dorms to campaign. Markers, construction paper and tape, oh yeah! Posters all over the dorms! 7:15 breakfast, dedication to God and Country then back to classes to learn about the next level, Country Government
*Valerie Grieggs

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