Monday, June 7, 2010

Mileva Gacanich: Hi! Waz up peoples of this great girls state! Yesterday was our very first day, How bout that ride in… haha guess that’s why the call it sin city huh? Anyway… well what do you say about the first day. The first day reminded me of girl scout camp. Lots of singing and jumping around. We got to know more about each other at our dorm meeting. Pretty sure we were all a bit shy but we seem like we got past that.
Opening ceremonies was pretty fun even though we didn’t seem to know what we were doing for the chant :P after a while we were waiting for dinner, we played some games and sang some songs.
At dinner and the evening session we got to know our government advisor, and got to know more about what we are doing here at girls state.
Rec time was fun I don’t know how but I ended up doing PT with the ROTC girls. Did so many psh ups that my arms were pretty much useless.
So! That was my first day in Pine City, Girls State. And all that I have left to say in this is God Bless America and that this is a great state of girls state.
Pine City Rocks my Socks.

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